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It's the detail that make the difference!

Iggesund Forest's new harvester bars the R7, R8 and R9 are developed with the harvester operator in mind. They tell us what the bar should look like, about the performance and how long it should last:

  • Iggesund use holes instead of slots, which gives a steady attachment without play and this holds the centre groove intact, which increases the life the bar considerably.
  • The bar is the optimal width for maximum stability.
  • Iggesund's unique heat treatment process makes the bar extremely rigid and durable.
  • The R-Series special alloy provides unparalleled sword spring back characteristics.
  • The nose wheel has 12 teeth, which reduces the speed and thus friction and wear.
  • Riveted joints in high alloy boron steel improve the life.
  • Fixed shims on the nose wheel rollers, extend the life of the nose wheel.
  • The R-Series precision machined chain groove leads the saw chain perfectly around the saw bar, so that lubrication is evenly distributed along the bar.

Website: http://www.iggesundforest.com/