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AfrEquip (Pty) Ltd is a forward-thinking company that aims to provide role players in the South African Forestry Industry with modern mobile equipment that out performs all other equipment! We are the leader in the Southern African region for Forestry Mechanisation - offering both Consultancy and System Solutions backed by the World's Leading Brand Names such as Tigercat, Log Max, Morbark and CSI.

AfrEquip provides equipment ranging from Feller Bunchers, Skidders, Harvesting Heads, Harvesters, Loaders, Forwarders, Biomass Grinders and Chippers to the African Market. Our Services include Sales, Maintenance, Product Support and the all the relevant training courses designed and proven to enhance operator productivity. We are constantly increasing our base of Loyal Customers through Excellent Sales and Service Support.

Products   Contact Us   B-BBEE
Products   Contact Us   B-BBEE

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